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The Untold Story – Mother Teresa

This book left me disturbed, it took me a few days to digest the possibility of what IF someone we believed as an unicorn, turns out to be otherwise. The book starts with an alarming question, Does Mother Teresa deserve her reputation as the most charitable person? This book allegates her as a painted image, playing with emotions created to fullfil strong political and religious motives. Yes, it gets interesting!

How did she became famous in the West when all her charitable work are done in Calcutta? Even now, the word “Noble” is by default associated to Mother Teresa. Doesn’t awarding the Noble prize explains as a world recognition? In this book, you will continously encounter bold statements that the activities carried out by Mother Teresa in are mostly fictious.

The author has 6 major accusation against Mother Teresa. I am not going to reveal them, it is for you to find out. But, one interesting point that I tried looking up on Youtube, is her speech. She proudly quotes the number of people that are “picked up” and treated in her Calcutta home. To my horror, it is convincing that there is a huge gap in her quoted numbers and it doesnt tally from her one speech to the other.

There are numerous religious accquistion relating the Vatican and Pope in orchastracting Mother Teresa’s image. She also rub shoulders with dictators (Duvalier) and neoliberalist (Reagen) for monetary favours. Here, I quote the exact words from the book “Mother Teresa is history’s most successful politician and her service for her political party, the Vatican was selfless”

Being born and raised in Calcutta, Dr. Aroup, the author has dedicated years researching and deconstructing the Mother Teresa myth. The evidence presentation for every accusation is delivered impressively. He has quoted e-mails, letters, recorded and tapped interviews. One may question, what if Aroup motive is to tarnish the image of Mother Teresa? Logically speaking, these evidence can never be fabricated.

When a lie is told repeatedly, it becomes the truth eventually. Could this be the case in many idols and world icons we admire? Something for us to pound upon.

Mother Teresa; A Saint’s Facade

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