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I was a little sceptical when I was starting this book. Wasn’t my type of story to read nor a writing style I preferred. But quite interestingly Anuja Chandramouli kept my interest going. Through her eyes Kamadeva and Rati are both pleasantly beautiful. It’s fun, interesting and upright witty.

Story starts with the introduction of the Trimurthis; Bhrahma, Vishnu and Shiva. I like how Anuja humanized each of this Gods. She penned Brahma has someone who has trouble controlling emotions, be it anger or be his passion. Vishnu, always a peacemaker. The balance between Brahma and Shiva; savior of the day. Shiva, is just full of rage. It’s all in or nothing at all. This unique characterization makes us connect to them even more.

Kama is born out of Brahmas passion and lust. Thus making him the God of Desires. Carrying a bow made of sugarcane, his task is to spread passion in all three worlds. Marrying his suitor Rati who is born to Prajapti Daksha. Together they step into Indralogam and start their journey. How it goes from there i let you read.

Few things that peaked my interest in this book. One is the style of writing. It’s one of a kind, choices of word and how she referenced them to daily lives makes the book an easy read. Her sense of humour on serious notes are commendable. Characterisation, yes she gave every one of the characters equal limelight and enough voice to tell their story. Which is near to impossible in a book with this many characters. Asura references, I liked how she villainified at the same victimized the Asuras. Being liberal much? The rest of the book is for me to know and for you to read.

Kamadeva; love and lust.


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