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This book is not a preaching material nor a biography. It is a memoir, a journey of a celebrity fighting and surviving stage IV cancer. Growing up, I lost two of my auties in cancer, I have seen both their struggle and families greifing. But, I never understood what is their state of mind during the whole process. I picked this book to the least try to comprehend and empathize. I have to say, cancer patients, be it those who made it or not, are all real heroes.

Manisha, a self-made and award-winning actress from the reputable Koirala family in Nepal. She was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in her late thirties. This book takes us on a journey starting from her diagnosis up to her self discovery after surviving cancer. Her writing talks about strength, fears, stupidity and lots of mistakes. It is courageous to admit, acknowledge and write it in a book without fearing how would people perceive her. Some may think, a celebrity is influential, cancer treatment expenses wouldn’t be an issue. This book is put as such that, be it a known face or an ordinary person, all cancer patient are treated the same. and when you are in need for money just like everyone, assets are liquidated, savings are wiped-out.

She has made many interesting revelations about her journey from the high life of a star, her drinking problem, choices of friends and lifestyle. The urge and disappointment of not having a true and stable relationship and lastly, not experiencing motherhood had impacted and broken her. It is interesting how she says, making 18 movies in a year had kept her busy, but always lonley.

Her determination to re-discover and self love after fighting cancer is fascinating. Now, she write books, acts in character roles, travels, gives motivational speech, help campaign for cancer awareness and contribute to Nepalese as much as she could. It is a different kind of happiness and satisfaction, she says.

Finally, someone said it, filmmakers spread the trend that cancer is the end of life. But, Cancer can be overcome by making different choices, by being equipped with the right knowledge and having a solid support system.

Healed; Mindfulness

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