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Coming out as a Dalit

This book was all over social media beginning this year, it is a result proceeding from the famous caste discrimination suicide case in the Indian history, Rohit Vemula. Three days after his suicide, the author, Yashica a successful journalist in the US revealed her Dalit(untouchable) identity in a Facebook post that went viral.

I have read pieces of Dr Ambedkar’s views on caste and had a fair bit of understanding. However, Yashica’s effort in this book helps humanise and communicate the misery in her unusual journey to conceal her lower-caste roots by pretending to be from the upper-class for years. Interestingly she weaves the chapters with research-based analysis and observations, clearly being a voice to the unheard.

Dalit student suicides, Dalit women rapes, Dalit government job quota. The book talks about the mental stress that Dalits go through to hide their caste. Yashica’s writing is filled with well-articulated thoughts and questions that will leave the reader in rage, anger and sadness.

This book helped me to understand how the caste system works in present times and how fiction is created to prove that the caste system doesn’t exist anymore.

Discrimination is not limited to caste. It exists in any ecosystem to a group, community or an individual. Be it in any case of religion, race and gender. This could happen to any of us, anywhere and at any point in time. It is a book of truth, not to be avoided.

Coming Out as Dalit ; The Blanket Truth


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