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Belated Bachelor Party

The Belated Bachelor Party is witty and filled with sarcasm. The book is a story of 4 friends who decide to go on a bachelor party after many many years of being married, Wait! First, they will need to get permission from their wives. Don’t you think this can relate to most Indian married men out there? lol! There are more similar scenes in the book, wait till you read it!

The fun part starts when the four reunites in Europe and spontaneously plan for wild and adventurous activities. Most of them are random situations created by a little misfortune and more of the mistakes done by the characters. It is all never-ending entertainment.
There are some interesting conversations between the boys, For instance, do men generally stare at women or it is an Indian men thing?
Another clever approach by Ravinder is, throughout the book, ‘Friendship’ has a voice, depicted as part of the characters. It gives you storytelling feel at the same time keeps the book interesting.
Thou there is no direction in the story, it is acceptable for a light read. This is my first Ravinder Singh’s book, I do like the simple and carefree way of writing, it is very realistic with the jokes made in a group of friends.
If life is hard on you at the moment, pick this book up. It makes you feel life could be simple
The Belated Bachelor Party, Frenzy


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